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Looking for asphalt repair services in Orlando, FL? At Sunset Paving, our paving professionals will extend the life of your paved asphalt surfaces for many years to come with their expert and seamless repair services.

Asphalt pavement repairs should be done only by an experienced paving company like Sunset Paving in the Orlando, FL. There are many signs of asphalt pavement deterioration. Some are due to loading, drainage issues, sub-base issues, and alligator cracking due to age or bad drainage.

Potholes usually result due to an alligator crack not being repaired in a timely manner. Potholes grow larger as traffic continues to drive over the pothole, causing the vehicles to break the asphalt and create a larger hole. Potholes can also occur after rain or snow gets below the road surface and the moisture weakens the sub-base or freezing surface. That’s why more potholes appear during the early spring, as the freeze-thaw cycles weaken the asphalt pavement, especially in the Orlando, FL.

We repair potholes by removing large sections of the surrounding asphalt pavement and drying the area beneath. Once the surface is ready and the water is fully drained, we will apply an adhesive (tack) and add the asphalt in layers. Finally we add the pavement and compact it with a pavement roller.

Crack sealing is another common asphalt pavement repair service that we offer at Sunset Paving. It is a temporary solution highly recommended for preventing moisture, oil, chemicals and vegetation from getting into pavement cracks and other surface voids. Our expert paving contractors will clean and dry any pavement cracks and pour a crack sealant to preserve your asphalt pavement.

Sunset Paving also offers pavement rejuvenation to our Orlando, FL area customers. This is a sealing process that softens the existing asphalt surface to heal minor cracking. The rejuvenation process preserves the asphalt pavement and restores its natural qualities, extending a pavement’s service life.

Sunset Paving has many years of experience repairing potholes, cracks and other pavement issues. We only work with the highest quality products for asphalt pavement repair issues and guarantee all of our work.

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Sunset Paving of Orlando, FL has done asphalt repair in Hillsborough County, FL, Pinellas County, FL, Orange County, FL, Brevard County, FL, Polk County, FL Volusia County, FL, Flagler County, FL, Osceola County, FL, Seminole County, FL, Lake County, FL and Indian River County, FL for close to a decade. We are a third generation asphalt paving company that has been, and will always be, dedicated to our customers. We provide all types of asphalt repair in these counties and surrounding cities including Tampa, FL, St. Petersburg, FL, Orlando, FL, Clearwater, FL, Palm Bay, FL, Lakeland, FL, Deltona, FL, Largo, FL, Melbourne, FL, Palm Coast, FL, Daytona Beach, FL Kissimmee, FL, Port Orange, FL, Sanford, FL, Ormond Beach, FL, Clermont, FL, Oviedo, FL and Sebastian, FL.


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